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About Laraine

About Laraine


I’ve always worked in an office, from the time I left college in 2000 until February 2015, I’ve been desk bound and miserable.

I began life working in Financial Services and eventually gained enough qualifications to become a Financial Adviser. I worked for several different companies and even set up on my own for a while but despite my qualifications and enjoyment of helping people, the sales element involved was not for me. I’m officially the world’s worst sales person.

After being made redundant from a Business Quality (non sales but still desk bound) position, I decided to retrain as a Project Manager. One mind numbingly boring week later, I had a shiny new Prince 2 Project Manager qualification and life took a new turn. Sadly, it still involved working in an office.

It was about this time I won a competition with Adventure Travel Magazine which quite literally changed my life. It involved spending a week in Snowdonia National Park, climbing the 14 peaks over 3000 feet. In winter. I’ve never climbed a mountain in my life until this point!

A passion for the outdoors developed; I began trail running, I finally came round to Owain’s way of thinking and started mountain biking, I climbed yet more mountains. I became more and more disillusioned with having to spend so many hours a week in an office.

When Owain received the email offering him the marketing role on Eigg, it was New Years Eve 2014 and we were huddled in a mountain bothy in Wales as the rain lashed down outside. It seemed like destiny. A whole new exciting life was flashing before my eyes…

One month into Owain’s time on Eigg, I decided it was time to take a chance. I handed in my notice at work and arrived on Eigg, rucksack on my back, ready for a new adventure.