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About The Isle of Eigg

About The IslandCamping in Cleadale_Small_Frame

The Isle of Eigg is a wonderful place to explore. With approximately 115 permanent residents and over 12 square miles of landscape to explore, you’ll experience solitude and wilderness that you just wouldn’t expect in such a small island.  Eigg boasts an abundance of wildlife which includes White Tailed Eagles, Golden Eagles, Seals, Otters and Minke Whales.  The dramatic scenery is also popular with photographers who travel from all over the world to capture the stunning vistas of Eigg.


Our e-bikes and bikes are the perfect way to explore the island. While not a large island, the walk from the Am Laimhrig and the pier complex takes a solid 60-90 minutes to reach the accommodation and beaches on the other side of the island at Laig and Howlin. Cycling is the ideal way to see the island and explore, whilst still having enough time to relax with a cup of tea and cake at Galmisdale Bay Cafe and Bar.  Our kayaks offer the opportunity to see the island from a different perspective, and to get closer to the sealife on the shores.

Visit www.isleofeigg.org for further information about our island.